Past Magazine Issues

Winter 2015


Medicine — Edwin Acevedo

On Call Room (A Short Short Story) — Saurabh Sinha

The Last Patient — Elisio Diprinzio

Psychiatry — Saurabh Sinha

Lesson 1 — Laura Willet, MD

Letters to Steven Spielberg — Hannah Simon


The Trenches — Magda Kowalczykowski

Doppler Effect — Saurabh Sinha

Linoleum — Daniel Manfra

Sublimation (Dissection 2) — Zeynep Uzumcu

Studying for Biomedical Sciences Exam –Santosh Bhaskarabhatla

Maybe — Paul Allegra

Graphic Art/Design

Degausser — Russell Pepe

Untitled — Russell Pepe

Summer 2015


M3 PCM Reflection – Kate Pawloski

Masresha – Theresa Henry

On Saying Goodbye – Jacqueline Abdalla

Prayer for Abraham – Hannah Simon

Saurabh Sinha Reflection – Saurabh Sinha

Such Great Heights – Hannah Simon


Dissection I – Zeynep Uzumcu

Missed Chance – Chukwudi Okafor

Presentation – Zeyneup Uzumcu

The Mercury Fountain – Zeynep Uzumcu

Ungrateful – Janice M. Mehnert

Who Am I? – Chukwudi Okafor

Graphic Art/Design

Untitled – Kimia Ganjaei

Untitled – Kimia Ganjaei


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