Winter 2015

Welcome to the first edition of Arbor Vitae, the RWJMS Literary Society arts and literary magazine. This online publication aims to showcase the extraordinary height of talent and depth of introspection that exists right here in our community of students, residents, and faculty. With each new edition we hope to provide you with a living archive of reflections on life, both inside and outside of the clinic.

As you explore our Winter 2015 edition, you’ll notice the diversity of experience on display. Reading through the pieces, you might find yourself nodding along with the account of a wrenching patient encounter, or nodding along to the beat of a lighthearted poem about biochemistry. We would like to encourage commentary and engagement with these works, so please use the comments section for that (constructive) purpose!

We are indebted to our gifted submitters, and hope you’ll be interested in contributing to our next issue, Spring 2015. Please see our guidelines for details. Anonymous submissions are also more than welcome.

Thank you for visiting Arbor Vitae. We hope you enjoy this creative “tree of life.”

The RWJMS Literary Society Executive Board


Medicine — Edwin Acevedo

On Call Room (A Short Short Story) — Saurabh Sinha

The Last Patient — Elisio Diprinzio

Psychiatry — Saurabh Sinha

Lesson 1 — Laura Willet, MD

Letters to Steven Spielberg — Hannah Simon


The Trenches — Magda Kowalczykowski

Doppler Effect — Saurabh Sinha

Linoleum — Daniel Manfra

Sublimation (Dissection 2) — Zeynep Uzumcu

Studying for Biomedical Sciences Exam –Santosh Bhaskarabhatla

Maybe — Paul Allegra

Graphic Art/Design

Degausser — Russell Pepe

Untitled — Russell Pepe


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