Art and Medicine with Dr. Rob Zachow

A big thanks to RWJMS’s Dr. Rob Zachow for his presentation on April 24, 2017 about art in medicine. In addition to showing samples of his beautiful artwork, Dr. Zachow spoke about how he got started in painting and how he has incorporated his art into his career as a physiologist and educator.

RWJMS Coffeehouse

On April 13, 2017, RWJMS held its annual coffeehouse, sponsored by the Ultrasounds, SNMA, AAPI, APAMSA, AMWA, and yours truly, the Lit Society. The evening featured musical performances, artwork, poetry, and spoken word from some multi-talented M1 and M2 students!

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Coffeehouse Artwork

Coffeehouse Performances

Breathe; Look After You – Jake and Ken Hoyne

All the Small Things; The Middle; Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down – Michael and Nicholas Briski

Ten Unspoken Things – Kristina Kelvy

Say You Won’t Let Go/The Man Who Can’t Be Moved – Marina Sharobeam

The Lost Strings – Navjot and Tejveer Singh

Dear Future Me – Oladeji Odewade

One Degree of Separation – Prerana Chatty

The Ectopic Bassmakers Present: Tachy Tunes to Make Your Heart Race – Michael Briski, Hersh Doshi, Deji Odewade, Tom Kuriakose, Shashank Pandya

A dignified death; Alphabetical taxi ride; Is my prose sufficiently poetic?; Namesake sonnet – Santosh P. Bhaskarabhatla

The Chain – Michael Enich, Eve Rosenheck, Melissa Encarnacion

One Way of Spreading Light – Parth Thakkar

Hallelujah; Seasons of Love – RWJMS Ultrasounds A Cappella

Fiction Writing Workshop with Grace Obienu

Published author and first year Grace Obienu hosted a fiction writing workshop for Robert Wood Johnson Medical School on April 4th. Below are some pictures of the new minted fiction writers at work!

Black Out Poetry

As part of RWJMS Student Wellness month, the Lit Society held a black out poetry session. Check out our talented students’ awesome work!


Election Monologues


The Election Monologues was a nationwide event held on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017, in cities across the United States (NYC, LA, Chicago, Portland to name a few). The RWJMS Literary Society took on the project. Seven students at the medical school prepared and performed a monologue at our event, and we are excited to share them here! If you were unable to attend or are just interested in their poignant stories/ insights, please check them out using the links below!

A big thank you to Prerana Chatty, Ori Feldman, Kristina Kelvy, Oladeji Odewade, Vijay Putatunda, Eve Rosenheck, and Tim Sigler for their monologues.


For the monologues in written form please click on one of the names above.