A Beacon

By Noah Mahpour

Rotating through the required third year clerkships, it is quite easy to pick up on the intricacies of the doctor patient relationship. Throughout our first two years of medical education, we were constantly taught about the importance of our “bedside manner”, and how vital a role it would play in our future practice as physicians. Very quickly, we as medical students become thrown into the fast paced, unrelenting system in which we learn how to become skilled practitioners. We churn through this system, spending hours on the wards, sweating under the bright lights in the operating rooms, pouring over textbooks, and it becomes quite easy to lose sight of the important aspects of medicine. The harder we work at becoming adept medical students, working towards our residency, fellowships, and beyond, the easier it is to become blinded to what patients truly value in their healthcare. (more…)


By Nupur Gulati

Her room was dark, illuminated only by the TV which was on, and a small gap in the blinds where a weak ray of sunlight cautiously pushed through. She was lying in her bed, her head tilted to one side, asleep. She was the only Hindi-speaking Hindu patient in hospice, so of course I had been roped into visiting her. (more…)


By Anonymous

If I had to choose a color to describe the content of my soul, I would have to pick gray. The kind with an ‘a’, not with an ‘e’. An ever-changing balance of dark and light. It may sound meek, but I believe it to be dynamic. It’s definitely not black- charred and despondent with no positive outlook- it’s just that some days are merely a darker shade of gray. And it’s definitely not white- filled to the brim with purity and optimism- but sometimes it is silver. It shines and sparkles with joy, beauty and value. Over the past few months, I have been seeking that which makes me more silver than charcoal. Attempting to find the daily routine that brings out that metallic of my soul and makes me feel more than just alive. (more…)